What Song Will Be Burna Boy’s Next Hit From “Love, Damini”?

Burna Boy’s “Last Last” has just debuted on the Billboard Hot 100, his first entry as a lead singer on the chart.

Also, a remix with Dave is coming, according to reports, and this just means they’re not ready to let “Last Last” go just yet. There’s going to be more promotion, more strategizing, and maybe it’s going to be the next “Essence” who knows.

But if we forget about “Last Last” for a minute to examine Burna Boy’s album, “Love, Damini” as a project, we’ll most certainly find that there are more hits on it. More hits than he had on “Twice As Tall” for sure.

The love number, “For My Hand” for example, features Ed Sheeran and is a good song that can really make a mark. Or the heavy “Jagele” which foreigners are beginning to dig. Still, there isn’t any song on the album that’s quite cut out to be a hit more than “It’s Plenty.”

Already, “It’s Plenty” is one of the five songs from the album to have reached the number one mark. It has even spent more time at Nigeria’s Apple #1 more than any song since the release of the album. This only means one thing. The people dig it. And what’s not to love?

“It’s Plenty” is a casual bop on which Burna Boy tried to connect with the streets, the Nigerian streets. It’s evident in the use of slang, and the freestyle effortless flow he adopted for the song.

Not to forget that this single-worthy track features the Afrobeats cheat code of 2022 — crowd backup vocals. It does not rob the track of its quality. It is an inspirational number that should soon fly in Nigeria.

Sure, Burna Boy is busy promoting “Last Last” and “For My Hand” abroad, but back at home here, “It’s Plenty” is everybody’s jam. It’s got the potential to be a much bigger hit than any of that nonsense he did before “Last Last.”

Well, what do you think?

Do You Agree That “It’s Plenty” Might Be The Next Hit From “Love, Damini”?

Let’s hear from you.

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