(English version): Vote for a batter nigeria; Atiku is the answer- kwankwason salanta

We are expressing  our  thanks to Almighty Allah, on behalf of my media, I am  calling the attention of the people of Nigeria  to do their best  and vote for P.D.P all over the country: The  answer is ALHAJI ATIKU ABUBAKAR and ENGR.  ABBA K. YUSUF and all other positions of PDP  in the country .
To make  Nigeria  a better place for less privileges people in our great  country :
 An experienced person, intelligent, everlasting, dependable, and some body who is  also good in civil service work.
A force that knows  the nokkies  and cronnies  of the security  in Nigeria
A Business  man that progress  in all his businesses

N/B  Remember  the  situation tightening round the neck of this country (100 points)
1. Economic instability
2. Political  Jagus
3. Greediness  in the welfare of Nigerians
4.  Only few number of elites  are enjoying in this life of present incumbency in Nigeria
5. 99 percent  of Nigerians  are  under poverty
People are dying for hunger
6. Their caucus run to abroad if they have  illness together with their children
7. Bribery  and corruption  has become rampant in them, and there is no charges and no penalty  if you  are under their party
They  only punished those  who are not in their party
8. Rigging of election  is also their intention
I have only stated (8) out of the (100)


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